Parachute, 12 Foot Parachute for Kids with Reinforced Stitching

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SUPER STRONG STITCHING - Unlike our competitors, we’ve ensured that when your kids are jumping up and down having the time of their lives, pulling every which way, our jumbo parachute won’t rip. We’ve added a reinforced mesh center and 210T polyester taffeta fabric so it’s built to last. WATERPROOF...
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  • SUPER STRONG STITCHING - Unlike our competitors, we’ve ensured that when your kids are jumping up and down having the time of their lives, pulling every which way, our jumbo parachute won’t rip. We’ve added a reinforced mesh center and 210T polyester taffeta fabric so it’s built to last.
  • WATERPROOF AND COLORFAST - Just like the stitching, we researched to make sure we are offering you the best quality product for parachute play! Our childs parachute is guaranteed not to fade in the sun, and the colorfast fabric will keep it bright, rot free and looking brand new!
  • BONUS CARRY BAG - Our 12 foot parachute for kids is loads of fun, but can be a pain to keep tidy! Pack your huge parachute for kids away in our bonus carry bag. Simply fold up, roll up, and you’re on your way!
  • GET YOUR KIDS OFF THE DEVICES - Is it a drag trying to get your kids off their computers and playing outside? Are you a teacher looking for game ideas? The versatility of a play parachute with handles is endless - birthday party games, as preschool gymnastics equipment, a classroom parachute, we’ve got so many game ideas to get you started on our website!
  • REPLACEMENT - We’re confident in our ability to provide you with a high quality colorful parachute for kids. However, should anything at all happen to yours, we will provide you with a replacement, no questions asked!

Product Description

Little Dynamo is the creation of Brooke, school teacher and mom. Sparked by her toddler son's bursting enthusiasm and energy and her time spent in the education field, Little Dynamo was created to encourage daily, active play. Her hope is to create a generation of Little Dynamos that exude self-confidence in social situations, through exploring their unlimited creativity. Brooke believes that children should be encouraged to explore their surroundings, learning and developing through play.


Providing resources to enhance your child's future is the best gift you can give this Christmas

Friedrich Froebel, a German educator who created the concept of ‘kindergarten’, believed that “play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul.”

At Little Dynamo, we want your precious children to experience a joyful, ‘play based’ approach to learning. We hope to inspire each and every Little Dynamo to develop their remarkable ability for exploration, imagination and decision making.


  • A reinforced mesh center, meaning it won’t rip when kids are playing
  • Choose to include balls for creative game play
  • Is colorfast, rot free and waterproof
  • Includes a carry bag, which makes it so much easier to pack away
  • Numerous game ideas
  • 12ft is our most popular and versatile size - it makes it perfect for parties, schools, picnics or other community events!
  • Includes all 8 colors of the rainbow


  • 5 dancing ribbons/dancing scarves
  • 1 adjustable hula hoop
  • 1 6ft rainbow dance ribbon
  • We realised that many of these products were being sold separately, but being purchased together. So we wanted to create a set that would cover all bases and come nicely packaged as a gift for your little one, or as the perfect present for someone else.


  • Comes with safety grips on top - developed specifically by us
  • Are reinforced with high traction sticky feet - for use anywhere, anytime - create an obstacle course on hardwood, linoleum, outdoors, rubber mulch, playground surfaces, or even grass
  • Come in 3 sizes - 2 x Large, 2 x Medium and 2 X Small (when comparing brands looks closely, some contain inaccurate size information)
  • Have hollow insides, to allow them to stack when stored
  • Feature a hollow design doesn’t compromise strength, they can hold 220lbs
Enhances Physical Development
Encourages Social and Emotional Development
Increases Cognitive Development
Emphasises Literacy Development
Physical Development Motor skills like running, jumping, dancing, digging. This supports overall health and sense of wellbeing, physical growth, and independent skills like dressing or feeding.
Social & Emotional Development Children are provided opportunities to negotiate, make choices, control their emotions, reduce impulsive behaviour and develop empathy and fairness.
Cognitive Development When playing individually or with others, children are developing skills like thinking, remembering, problem solving, understanding concepts, persistence and resilience.
Literacy Development Children are provided a foundation for which they can begin to listen, develop language, recognise shapes, letters, words, symbols and how these have different meanings.

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